New York Burger Appreciation Society

Mouth-watering, hand-selected, delicious burgers delivered directly to you.

New York City is full of sensational burgers. And we've tried them all.

Given the cornucopia of burgers in our fair city, that claim is factually troublesome; but, that's not going to stop us from finding the best burgers available for your consumption. We're on a mission to locate the best chefs with the best meat from the best butchers. Once a week (on the day of your choosing), we deliver a worthy and ready-to-eat contender directly to you.

A new burger, selected for you, once a week.

We want our burgers delivered to you fresh out of the kitchen. To achieve this, we work with multiple restaurants every day to minimize the time between the chef's cook-top and your taste buds.

Every burger has a story and demands appreciation.

A few hours after your burger arrives, we send you an e-mail and tell you more about the delicious concoction you just enjoyed... and where you can get another one for your friend, colleague, or yourself.

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